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City of Millbrae

Community Preservation Commission

The Community Preservation Commission consists of eight members appointed by the City Council.  Members are qualified electors of the City and shall serve for a term of four years and may be reappointed to additional terms and serve without compensation.  Members cannot hold any other public office or any City position while serving on the Commission. 

The Community Preservation Commission meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. at the Millbrae Community Center, 477 Lincoln Circle.

Mission Statement

Our Mission: 
To guide, inspire and educate the residential and business communities of Millbrae.

Our Vision:  To sustain and enhance the beauty of Millbrae, and extraordinary community, and to encourage and promote environmental awareness.

Our Values:  Leadership, education, personal responsibility and stewardship.

The duty of the Commission is to maintain and enhance the beauty of Millbrae by:

Developing and recommending to the City Council methods which will address all pertinent issues affecting the beauty of Millbrae; and

Educating Millbrae residents consistent with City Council policy in all matters which affect the beauty of Millbrae; and

To act as liaison with City organizations as follows:

To provide input to other City commissions and committees with respect to landscaping proposal standards as they affect the beauty of Millbrae; and

To establish an effective liaison with the Chamber of Commerce and cooperate with commercial and industrial associations and private land owners, to recommend standard criteria for the beautification of existing building sites by landscaping and other means, and

To provide input to the City regarding the development of a Master Street Tree Plan and official tree list, and to offer recommendations with respect to the following: a) programs for planting, maintenance and removal of all street trees; and, b) suitable plans for the planting, care and maintenance of street trees and shrubs, grass plots and other ornamental or beautifying plantings upon the streets and highways.

Margaret Hernandez, Code Enforcement Officer, serves as the official staff liaison to the Commission and can be reached at 650-259-2440.

Community Preservation Commission Flyer

Members   Initial
CAROL KRASILNIKOFF Chair 06/30/11 06/30/19
MYRNA WARTO Vice Chair 09/12/06 06/30/18
BETH ANDERSON   07/01/07 06/30/19
DONNA EGHBAL   07/01/07 06/30/19
GALE GRINSELL   07/09/91 06/30/18
ANN KIRKBRIDE   08/27/79 06/30/17
VACANT   06/30/17
VACANT 06/30/18

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