The goal of the City Clerk and the City's Public Information Program is to keep the public informed regarding the business of the City, and to ensure opportunities for public participation in local government. The City Clerk performs a wide variety of services for the City of Millbrae and provides administrative support to the City Council and City Manager. Meeting agendas and notices, city department announcements, and news releases are placed on Millbrae Community Television (MCTV), Channel 27 cable access, as well as on the City's website.

The City Clerk is the custodian of records for the City and oversees Millbrae's general municipal elections. The City Clerk also serves as the local filing officer for the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Voter Registration Information.  You may register to vote at any time, but to be eligible to vote in an upmcoming election, your voter registration form must be applied on-line by midnight no later than 15 days before that election.  If you are mailing a voter registration form, it must be postmarked no later than 15 days before that election and received by the San Mateo County Registration and Elections Division by the close of polls on election day.  Voter registration forms are available at City Hall or you can register to vote online.  
Register to vote online.

Angela Louis, City Clerk
(650) 259-2333

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Disclosure of Enterprise System Information
Pursuant to SB 272 (2015) Government Code 6270.5

Change of Elections from Odd to Even Years

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