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Council Meeting

9-12-17 Agenda

9-12-17 Agenda Item 1 - Ceremonial/Presentation

9-12-17 Caltrain Power Point Presentation - Peninsula Corridor Electrification

9-12-17 Agenda Item 2 - Report of Bills and Claims

9-12-17 Agenda Item 3 - Approval of Minutes

9-12-17 Agenda Item 5 - Acceptance of the Quarterly Investment Report for Period Ending June 30, 2017

9-12-17 Agenda Item 6 - Resolution Authorizing a Professional Services Agreement with Kaizen InfoSource LLC to Provide Records and Information Program Management in an Amount Not-to-Exceed $88,000

9-12-17 Agenda Item 7 - Resolution Awarding a Construction Contract to St. Francis Electric, LLC for the Installation of Decorative Street Lights for Downtown Enhancement

9-12-17 Agenda Item 8 - Resolution Approving PG&E Temporary Electricity Services Contract for the Modular Office Building

9-12-17 Agenda Item 9 - Resolution Accepting the 2016 Water Main Project as Complete and Authorizing Filing of the Notice of Completion and Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Contract Change Order No. 3 in the Amount of $247,585.03

9-12-17 Agenda Item 10 - Approval of Special Event Permit for the Japanese Culture Festival on October 1, 2017

9-12-17 Agenda Item 11 - Adoption of a Resolution to Execute a Cooperation Agreement with the San Mateo County Urban County Program to Access Community Development Block Grant Funding

9-12-17 Agenda Item 12 - Resolution Approving and Adopting Monthly Water Service and Consumption Charges and Updating Attachment A of Section 8.05.660 of the Millbrae Municipal Code (continued discussion from July 11, 2017)

9-12-17 Agenda Item 13 - Presentation of Mid-Cycle Operating and Capital Budget and Approving Revised Salary Schedules

9-12-17 Agenda Item 14 - Provide Guidance and Recommendations for the Resolution Being Considered at the 2017 League of California Cities Annual Conference

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