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7-25-17 Agenda

7-25-17 Agenda Item 2 - Report of Bills and Claims

7-25-17 Agenda Item 5 - Adpotion of Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Commission and Committee Work Plans

7-25-17 - Agenda Item 6 - Adoption of Resolution Declaring Intention to Reimburse Expenditures from the Wet Weather Program from the Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Bonds or Certificates of Participation and Authorizing the City Manager to Sign Agreements for Professional Financial Advisory Services

7-25-17 Agenda Item 7 - Resolution Awarding a Construction Contract to Interstate Grading and Paving, Inc. for the 2017 pavement Repair Project and Approving a Professional Services Agreement to Bellecci and Associates, Inc.

7-25-17 Agenda Item 8 - Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Execute a Construction Contract with Darcy & Harty Construction, Inc. for the 2017 Sanitary Sewer Capital Improvement Program (CIP), Execute a Professional Services Agreement with CSG Engineers Inc. in the amount of $150,000 to Perform Construction Inspection and Project Engineering Services for the 20178 Sanitary Sewer CIP and Execute Contract Change Orders and Related Agreements up to the Project Contingency Funds of $420,000

7-25-17 Agenda Item 9 - Motion Rejecting Single Bid Receievd for the Water Control Plant No. 3 Water Piping Improvement Project

7-25-17 Agenda Item 10 - Resolution Granting Authority to the City Manager to Award Construction Contract to the Lowest Responsive Bidder for the Highline Canal Trash Capture Headwall Project

7-25-17 Agenda Item 11 - Resolution Granting Authority to the City Manager to Award a Construction Contract for the Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewer Main at 12 Corte Nueva

7-25-17 Agenda Item 12 - Resolution Authorizing Collection of Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Stormwater Fees on the San Mateo County Tax Roll

7-25-17 Agenda Item 13 - Amend Salary Schedules

7-25-17 Agenda Item 14 - Approval of Street Closures of Broadway from Victoria Avenue to Meadow Glen Avenue, Beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, September 1 through Sunday, September 3, 2017, for the Millbrae Chamber of Commerce Art and Wine Festival

7-25-17 Agenda Item 15 - Appointments to the Planning Commission

7-25-17 Agenda Item 16 - One Year Update Since the Loss of the Community Center and Adoption of Resolution Approving the Settlement of the Insurance Claim for the Loss of the Community Center , Adopt a Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Issue Construction Contract Change Order No. 1 to Design Space Modular Buildings for the Interim Community Center Project and by Motion Authorize the City Manager to Execute Addendum No. 2 to the Agreement with CSG Consultants for the Continuation of Project Management Services for the City of Millbrae Community Center Rebuild Project Increasing the Not-to-Exceeds Amount of the Agreement from $196,760.00 to $326,719.00 

7-25-17 Agenda Item 17 - Commercial and Recreational Marijuana

7-25-17 Agenda Item 17 - Powerpoint Presentation on Marijuana

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